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Here you can find information about my writing, books and upcoming publications. I will provide the latest information on events such as readings and book signings, both local and around the country, and virtual events on the Web. I also will be posting book reviews, book release dates, pre-order and ordering information. I have included links to sites of interest to readers and writers and intend to add more. Please visit my blog for discussions about writing, publishing, and other observations. I urge you to contact me with any questions or suggestions through my Contact form.

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Newest Releases

Down Cemetery Road

Down Cemetery Road is the much-anticipated prequel to the unforgettable Baxter’s Friends. Ned Randle raises the curtain on the formative years of Billy Bright’s life, revealing a formula for his adult years that is at once both intoxicating and utterly sobering. Down Cemetery Road delves into the disillusionment of adolescence sadly often shot down by mid-life.

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Shows real promise... Baxter’s Friends left me hoping Randle spends more time at a keyboard than he does in a courtroom. Read more.

- Harry Levins, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Ned Randle’s poetry collection Running at Night often touches upon the most humdrum aspects of life, and yet somehow Randle always manages to communicate the sheer beauty and wealth of possibilities... Read more.

- Sarah Rae, Poydras Review

When we read through Running at Night, we are reminded that while we all feel each and every one of these illustrious emotions, it is still a gift to know how to pull forth the... Read more.

- Mr. & Mrs. Garbanzo (The Garbanzo Literary Journal)

Running at Night …is a courageous book of witnessing. It takes the reader through dark paths on fast foot. The poems are written with a sure hand, the images right... Read more.

- Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Emerge Literary Journal

In recognizably American fashion, [Randle's poems] reach from the ground on which he lives to dreams earned and known. Read more.

- Mark Lofstrom, Hawaii Literary Arts Council