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Poetry Reading August 27th

REMINDER!!             I will be reading from Running at Night as well as a couple of new works  August 27th at Focal Point, 2720 Sutton Blvd., St. more...

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James Dean in Baxter’s Friends

There is at least one reference to the late actor James Dean in Baxter's Friends.  The book is set in the mid-1980s.  At the time the male characters were growing up, Dean was an icon, a symbol of rebellious youth, cool beyond comparison.  When Baxter, Ferguson and Mitch were teenagers, every boy wanted to be James Dean.  It is interesting to note that after his more...

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My favorite review so far

"Baxter's Friends" is an unbridled narrative of three male friends that are searching for ways to deal with the responsibilities, quell the boredom, and fulfill unrealistic desires that plague them as they reach middle age. Ned Randle brilliantly pens their intimate thoughts, reckless actions, and dire consequences that lead two to tragedy and one to self awareness. A more...

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