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On The Poetry Mafia, Guilds, Interlocking Directorates, MFAs and The Emperor’s New Clothes

Over thirty years ago I read an article in a prominent writer's magazine referring to the "poetry mafia". Although the article was well done, and well on point, it has occurred to me over the intervening years that "mafia" is a bit too strong. I would refer to the concept more as a poetry or literary guild or, in the idiom of business, literary interlocking more...

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Locally Grown Literature

I will be joining more than 20 St. Louis area authors at a fundraiser to support the construction of The Book House, a locally owned, independent bookstore. This should be a great event with books available for purchase and signing, readings, food, drink, auction items and other special offers. Details are: November 15, 2013 8 p.m. Schlafly Bottle Works 7260 more...

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