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Another nice review of St. Michael Poker & Drinking Club

St. Michael's Poker & Drinking Club by Ned Randle Regal House Publishing book review by Nicole Yurcaba "Could socializing with a Catholic priest be worse than socializing with whores and tax collectors? It was a question that finally led him to fret over the paradoxical effect hierarchical edicts of any hidebound church had on the lives of lonely men." After the more...


Nice Review of ST. MICHAEL POKER & DRINKING CLUB- Kirkus Reviews

A modern-day miracle throws a priest’s life into turmoil in this novel. At the outset of Randle’s tale, Father Thomas Abernathy, pastor of Belle City’s St. Michael’s Catholic Church, is having an unexpected personal crisis. The stray cat he recently befriended has been hit by a car and killed. After burying the animal, Father Tom finds himself more acutely more...

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